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Kurosuki Raiga
Character Name: Kurosuki Raiga

Series: Naruto (anime only)

Age: Around twenty-seven, it is never specified.

Gender: Male

Species: Ninja Human

Sexuality: Raiga is a bit shaky on the whole theory of attraction, but could in theory swing towards either gender.

Appearance: One of those rare men who’s far more likely to be called pretty rather than handsome, Raiga has a flat-out delicate face, with high cheekbones and very full lips. His hair is long, dark brown (it can appear greenish if the lighting is weird), and somewhat tangled; exactly how much depends on when he last remembered to tackle it with a comb. It hangs down to the small of his back and usually stays there, unless he manages to electrocute himself or something equally epic. Shorter bangs fall down to frame his face, and there are two short tuffs near his ears that stick out.

Raiga also has some very serious emotional issues, and as such, anyone can tell what he’s feeling just by looking at his face. If he’s sad, he’ll cry. If he’s pissed off, he’ll be screaming death-threats.

However, his most striking features are without doubt his eyes. Wide, expressive, and deep-set, Raiga’s eyes are teal-colored. It might be a clan-trait or just a genetic fluke, but they’re neither blue nor green. Just teal. There are thick circles under them because Raiga doesn’t sleep nearly as much as he should.

In contrast to his delicate face, Raiga is solidly built. Combat-wise, he’s not extremely fast and his reflexes are far from perfect. And he’s more than a little on the short side compared to most ninja. His shoulders are wide and his arms are thick. What this all means is that Raiga is strong. Hey, you try carrying a ten-year-old kid on your back 24/7 and not build up some serious muscles.

He often wears loose tan pants, and a high-collared vest with slits down the sides that reach down to his knees. It’s black with red trim and tied with a white sash, and designed so as not to inhibit movement. Raiga’s chest is bandaged up to his neck; the bandages extend to a few inches before his elbows. Exactly why he does this is something of a mystery. It vaguely relates to an incident in which he got himself electrocuted by his own technique. Over that, he wears a long black cloak with a deep hood. There are shin and wrist-guards in the proper place for such things; the wrist-guards have retractable claws in them in case of emergency. Outside of the arena, Raiga won’t have access to them.

Personality: The first thing someone notices about Raiga is that he’s extremely emotional. “Wearing his hear on his sleeve” doesn’t quite cover it—if he’s feeling one emotion or another, the whole world knows it. He also talks a lot, not necessarily because he likes the sound of his voice, but because Raiga honestly needs to vocalize his thought-process to get anything done. Unsurprisingly, he lacks a social filter between his brain and his mouth, and says exactly what he’s thinking, no matter how rude or socially unacceptable it happens to be.

It doesn’t take much to notice that he’s crazy.

Some ninja are tactical geniuses. Most ninja have some sort of strategic sense. And then there are ninja like Raiga, who have nothing of the sort and just run at the target and hope like hell they can kill it. Thinking more than two moves ahead is usually too much for him during combat. He knows what he’s good at, but isn’t nearly as adapt at realizing his own shortcomings. Arrogant, psychotic, and prone to having fits if things go wrong, Raiga never learned to rein his emotions in, let alone control them by any extent of the idea. He reached the point of being emotionally unstable about ten years ago, and has relatively few moments of true lucidity. In those rare moments, he can show a surprising about of depth and (though bitter) comprehension of the world.

Raiga needs a few things in his life, whether he actively realizes it or not. First off, he needs someone with a strong and stable personality to balance out his own behavior and keep him from falling headfirst over the deep end. Secondly, he needs to be able to trust in something, whether it’s a person or an idea. If what he trusts can give him a sense of direction or motivation, all the better.

He needs to be around people and hates being ignored, a hate that’s only second to being betrayed or deceived. You see, when Raiga trusts, he trusts the whole nine yards. It’s not easy to become his friend, but the few he has, he’d walk through hell and beyond to protect. However, that doesn’t extend past the point in which they betray him. Raiga is extremely literal-minded, and when confronted by a friend who deceived him, he sees only the betrayal, not the friendship they might have shared. He’ll bawl his eyes out when he buries them, but they’ll still be dead.

Abilities: (be sure to include how any superhuman powers will be limited outside the Arena) Combat wise, Raiga is a master swordsman and could take out most opponents with just his blades. However, far more than his swordsmanship, Raiga is renown for his lightning ninjutsu. He’s skilled enough that he doesn’t need to make hand seals to call up lightning using his chakra, a feat that most jounin his age can’t manage without some serious sweating. Most of his attacks are channeled through his swords, though he can improvise with any nearby metal object.

He could summon lightning without conducting it through anything, but then he’d get electrocuted as well as his target. Which is not a very nice feeling.

Raiga’s favorite style is to use Kirigakure no Jutsu (Hiding in Mist Technique) and blanket the field of battle in a thick fog, and then electrocute them in whichever way is most convenient. His enemy can’t see through it…but without Ranmaru to guide him, neither can Raiga. It will take him a while to figure this out.

If there is an actual lightning storm while he’s fighting, though, that’s when Raiga is at his strongest. As a master of lightning-style ninjutsu, he usually forms lightning from his chakra. However, if there’s actual lightning in the vicinity, well, there’s no need to make it when Raiga can just call it down from the sky. The only downside of doing that is the attacks are very large-scale, not kind to bystanders or property, and extremely difficult to control. As in, Raiga might aim at a person but end up destroying the house behind them.

As far as other ninja abilities, such as genjutsu (illusions) and Taijutsu (hand-to-hand combat), well. Raiga needs to improve. A lot. He’s fairly earned his jounin-rank and therefore knows a few serous illusions…it’s just that genjutsu takes a bit more concentration and time than he’s willing to give. In Taijutsu, he’s strong and fast compared to normal standards, but a bit on the slow side by ninja standards. He’s got a ton of stamina, but not so much with the reflexes part. As all jounin can, Raiga can summon doppelgangers, change his appearance, and do a quick switch with an inanimate object, but as before, such things take concentration and a strategic sense he just doesn’t have.

Outside of the arena, Raiga will lose all but his most rudimentary abilities. He could probably make some sparks if he concentrates, and call up enough electricity to cause small damage to a circuit board if he makes hand seals. He will not fair well around computes. Hand-to-hand skills, since they can’t really be taken away, will remain.

Weapons: Raiga’s primary weapons are his two swords, Ikazuchi no Kiba (Lightning Fangs). As one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, he inherited them from his predecessor. As blades go, they’re rather short and thin, with a thick barb extending out from each one. Raiga channels his ninjutsu through them far more than just fighting dry, but they’re shinobi weapons, and therefore sharp. Using several lightning techniques, Raiga can fuse them together to form one larger sword. He carries kunai and a few smoke bombs in his belt-pouch, as well as the claws in his wrist-guards, but forgets he has them more often than not unless someone reminds him.

Weaknesses: First off, Raiga’s techniques take an insane amount of chakra to complete. Most of them are big, fancy overkill, and take the equivalent amount of energy to complete. If he runs out of chakra, then he’ll just keel over and sleep for a week. Or die. One of the other. Also related to combat, Raiga isn’t very fast, and an opponent who is will have a definite advantage. He’s also unfamiliar with modern weaponry (or hell, anything more advanced than a gas stove, for that matter) and won’t dodge unless he’s given a really convincing reason to.

Raiga’s personality is a big weakness, too. When he starts a fight, he damn well finishes it. Even if the opponent is a hell of a lot stronger, and it would be a really smart idea to run away, Raiga never does. He’ll win or he’ll die, and that is just how he’s decided to be. The longer it takes him to win, the more frustrated and angry he becomes, and the hotter his temper gets, the worse his strategy is. Also, if he’s teamed with someone, he’ll trust them blindly up until the point in which they stab him in the back, or he thinks they do. And then he’ll attack them just as viciously as he does the enemy.

Without Ranmaru, his fighting-style is seriously inhibited, since he relies heavily on the second pair of eyes to guide him through his mist.

He’s not exactly a genius, either, and falls for traps on a regular basis. It’s somewhat pathetic, actually. In social situations, Raiga has difficulty relating to and dealing with others. He makes friends almost as quickly as his deteriorated mental state drives them away. He’s deranged, psychopathic, bloodthirsty, and lacks any sort of tact. Women slap him, men punch him, and children run screaming from his presence, and Raiga rarely understands why. It makes him sad.

History: [Note: most of this is personal speculation. Canon starts when he becomes a Hunter-nin] Raiga was born in a time of great conflict in Kirigakure no Sato. In a country wracked with civil war and mindless conflict, shinobi were used up far faster than they could be trained. Any child with potential was trained. Any child who was ruthless enough to survive the Academy’s graduating exam was placed on a genin team. The Kurosuki were a small family of ninja. Raiga’s parents were killed on a mission when he was five. His teenage sister attempted to raise him right.

Most people are of the opinion that she failed.

He trained. He was a kid for a while. He trained some more. Then he entered the Academy. There were good times and bad times. The good came when he discovered his almost prodigal talent for lightning ninjutsu. The bad came when his classmates noticed his odd eyes, and his tendency to get easily frustrated and cry. Well, electrocute them and then cry. But still. It was fun to make him cry, and easy to tease him.

You see, they thought he had a Bloodline Limit, an inherited supernatural combat skill that some families had. It would have explained his teal eyes and his ability with lightening techniques. It would have explained those things, but it wasn’t quite true.

Once upon a time, the Kurosuki family had a Bloodline Limit. Once upon a time they were a feared and respected clan. Not anymore, though. The last shinobi who activated the talent enough for practical use was Raiga’s mother and she was most certainly dead.

Raiga’s sister decided not to tell him that. She thought it would be better if he didn’t have another thing to scream about while he was training. She was probably a very smart ninja, but then she died too, two days before Raiga participated in the graduation exam. He went to her funeral and asked why people were crying. A tall shinobi, later to become his jounin-sensei, told him that people were sad because they remembered the good times they had shared with his sister, and so that was why they cried.

He failed to mention the important little detail that only civilians were supposed to cry at funerals. Because ninja were supposed to be all cold and emotionless and objective, and all that good stuff. Raiga’s jounin-sensei would come to regret saying that a great deal later in life.

But that’s getting ahead of the story.

The Bloody Mist had a very special sort of graduation exam. To get on a genin team, each student would have to kill one of their friends, so as to prove him or herself worthy of the training. Raiga did that. He did that a few times. And then he got on the team. His jounin-sensei wasn’t sure whether to be pleased or bemoan the fact that he’d have to spend five years training the teal-eyed brat.

Raiga improved. He got very good very quickly, his saner teammates balancing out his wild style of fighting and barely-controlled techniques. He made chuunin and then jounin shortly afterwards. His potential seemed endless, a prodigy in the making. It was noted, of course, that he had emotional problems, but no one (save for his sensei) thought he was crazy yet. It took a bit longer for that to sink in.

It surprised no one when he killed his predecessor and joined the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, inheriting his twin blades and some extremely destructive lightning techniques as a bonus. He didn’t really take to the other Seven Swordsmen, but then, they weren’t known for getting along with each other in general. Bored with life, and not exactly sure what he was supposed to do with himself, Raiga joined the Black Ops, and became a Hunter-nin, a soldier trained to track down and kill the village’s traitors. He was good at that. Almost too good.

People started noticing things about Kurosuki Raiga. Just little things at first. Like that he talked a great deal about, well, crazy things. That he liked fighting a little too much, even for a mist-nin. And then there was the big thing, that he went on missions and forgot what his orders were, just killing whoever and whatever happened to walk in his line of sight, enemies and allies alike.

The Hidden Mist started trying to think of something to do with him. They didn’t want to kill him, per say, since no shinobi village wants to lose such a powerful weapon, but on the other hand, they had no desire to keep a crazy prodigy on the boat.

Before they came to a decision one way or another, Raiga went on a mission and found a boy named Ranmaru. Ranmaru wasn’t a ninja. He was just a little kid with paralyzed legs and the very scary ability to see through walls and create illusions that fucked with people’s heads. Raiga’s team was sent to kill him for spying on Mist. Raiga forgot the little detail about only killing the spy and went on a killing spree. When he came to Ranmaru, he commented that he’d forgotten who he was supposed to kill, and wasn’t that ironic.

Ranmaru said he, being useless to the world, didn’t mind dying, just so long as it was Raiga who did it. Raiga asked why, and Ranmaru said that he had watched him in the village, and knew he was sad and confused about why he was alive. He said that if his death could help Raiga figure things out, then he would die gladly.

This was something akin to an epiphany for Raiga. Instead of killing the boy, Raiga picked him up and put him on his back, saying that they would live, “two as one”, and neither would die alone because they had each other. He left his village and never looked back.

The two of them wandered around for several years, due to Raiga’s complete and utter inability to read a map. During that time, they developed a genius, yet painfully simple fighting style. Ranmaru would act as a second pair of eyes and strategic advisor for Raiga, and Raiga would defend them both with his swordsmanship and ninjutsu. It worked well. The Hunter-nin never caught then.

Eventually they came to a small mining town. Raiga spent a night in the town and listened to the miners complaining about the magistrate and the taxes he collected. So he went and killed the magistrate, and tried to help the village a little. He sort of took over. It went well. Then he got bored with running the village by his lonesome and collected a few teenagers to help him. They formed the “Kurosuki Family”, and acted as goons/apprentices for Raiga, overseeing the mining operation while he entertained himself and Ranmaru.

But Raiga didn’t make for a healthy influence, and so his apprentices abused the miners, making them suffer for working too long. Anyone who objected, broke Raiga’s rules, or “betrayed” him in any way was buried alive in the graveyard. Raiga bawled his eyes out at the funerals. They were very touching ceremonies.

However, a few miners ran away. A few of them actually got away and hired ninja from the Konoha to take care of the problem. Raiga found them amusing. Then one of the brats did something stupid and nearly killed Raiga and took Ranmaru away from him. He was understandably annoyed.

Ranmaru did his part and revived him, only to apparently “die” after using up all his chakra. Raiga went and tried to kill the Leaf-nin. He almost won, but then Ranmaru came back from the dead and did something utterly unforgivable in Raiga’s eyes and sided with the enemy. He then tried to lead Raiga off a cliff, the little brat.

Eventually, though, because life is a bitch that loves irony, Raiga did fall off the damn cliff. He was falling and the ground was looking very solid, so much so in fact that he decided to kill himself before meeting it, and then he ended up in Unreal.